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Principal's Message
“It takes a Village (and Volunteers) to raise a child”.  African Proverb.

We look forward to working collaboratively with the students, staff, and parents/guardians at Char-Lan District High School as we continue to strive for educational excellence, equity and inclusion, and wellness for all our students and staff.

At Char-Lan District High School we strive to promote a culture of learning: a culture that challenges our students and staff to be lifelong learners; that fosters curiosity and exploration; that cultivates inclusion and equity; that promotes critical thinking and creativity; and that connects all student learning to their own lives and their community.  We are a school that learns.  Our staff understands the great privilege connected to working with youth and teaching our youth to become positive contributors within our community and society.  We take this privilege seriously.

As a school that learns, we as a staff will endeavour to make connections across disciplines – arts and sciences, humanities and technology.  We believe that exploring these authentic connections is a pathway toward innovation, imagination, and genuine learning.   Our school will continue to promote communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity as key tools for success in the 21st century.  We have identified goals in our school improvement plan that align with the UCDSB improvement plan:  90% of students will read, write, and demonstrate number sense and operations at grade level; 100% of students will report that the school is safe and inclusive, and positively influences their mental health, wellness and sense of belonging; 90% of students will graduate within five years.

Our goals will be achieved by continued review and enhancement of our assessment practices.  As a staff we continue to explore how ‘assessment for learning’ and ‘assessment as learning’ will drive student achievement and inform and guide our instruction, and enhance student engagement and understanding.

Perhaps the best way to describe what we are trying to achieve can be summed up by the UCDSB Living Credo and mission statement – “We prepare every student for a successful life in society by creating the culture and educational programs that allow our students to experience ongoing opportunity, success, and growth.”

As we learn together throughout the 2021-22 school year, the moral imperative of all UCDSB staff is to continue to do more than teach.  Our role is to look inside of each student and to help attach students to their dreams.  We are proud to be a part of UCDSB and its focus on student success and we are also fortunate to be able to work with such a caring, vibrant, and creative staff at our school.

Here is to an amazing year ahead!  Stay safe; and stay healthy.

Trevor L. Wheeler

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